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Expressions in English to Portuguese, Posted 06-05-2010, 08:45 PM
There are some expressions I have found in English which I translated into Portuguese. I hope it helps! if you have problems, PM me.


rule of law - estado de direito

nationness - nacionidade (specific term of the book Belonging in the two Berlins, written by John Borneman)

taxpayer - contribuinte ou prestador de imposto (quem tem o dever jurídico de pagar o imposto)

natural law - direito natural decorrente da condição humana

natural right - direito natural decorrente da experiência jurídica no estado de direito

law - Direito enquanto ciência

right - direito posto em lei escrita

rights - direitos

taxconsumers - os beneficiados por programas assistencialistas (that expression is very common on the works of John C. Calhoun)

stock - capital (that expression is found on the work The Wealth of Nations, written by Adam Smith)

Mainland - continente (for example the Island of Fernando de Noronha belongs to Brazil, but the rest of the brazilian territory is on the american continent. That part is mainland). In portuguese mailand refers to the rest of the country - therefor continente means the rest of the nation, of the state, or the rest of the city, or even the nieghborhood.

Tax - tributo (obrigação de custear a administração pública / legal duty to give money to the government). According to the TAX LAW DOCTRINE a "tributo" it's splited in "impostos" [obrigações decorrentes da lei / duties generated by the law] and in "taxas" [fee to be paid for a public service made to a specific tax payer / preço a ser pago por um serviço público a um contribuinte em especial] and in "tarifas" [preços a ser pago por um serviço público a um contribuinte em especial. Esse serviço público deve ser concessionado (comissed public service)]

Tribute - tributo (a way to honor someone special)


legalística - fallacy which some people tend to think that a written law is the effective law. That people tend to ignore the importance of morals for the society as a whole.

costumes - morals

acordo ou compromisso judicial - settlement

oferta e procura - supply and demand
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